The two soldiers, Union and Confederate, on the New York Monument symbolize reconciliation.

The two soldiers, Union and Confederate, on the New York Monument symbolize reconciliation.

Main loop at Point Park

The paved loop at Point Park leads to spectacular views of Moccasin Bend and Chattanooga below.

Moccasin Bend from Point Park

View of Moccasin Bend from the Point at Ochs Museum

From 1895 to 1910 the Point Hotel stood directly below the Point.

From 1888 to 1910 the Point Hotel stood just below the Point.

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Point Park Trailhead

To reach Point Park, one needs only to follow the signs which are posted throughout the north end of Lookout Mountain. Hikers may park in the lot behind the Visitor's Center to avoid the expensive parking meters. On weekends the lot is often crowded and it is recommended that you begin your walk at the Cravens House, where ample space is usually available. The admission fee of $3.00/adults (16 and older, children are free) is used to make improvements such as the 2009 renovation of the Ochs Museum.

Point Park, with an elevation of 2,135 feet, offers the best and most famous view of Moccasin Bend and Chattanooga. Whether you have been to the Point once or a thousand times before, it will be worthwhile to visit the oil painting of the Battle of the Clouds in the Visitor's Center, and to walk down to the Ochs Museum and the famous Umbrella Rock, where a map of trails in the area will be found. From the gate, there are a total of 0.7 miles of paved walking paths which circle the 17 acres at the Point and provide access to the hiking trails below. Every tourist walks the large paved circle; many venture down as far as Ochs Museum. Relatively few dare to descend the steps to the ruins of the Point Hotel and the hiking trails below. While the paved circle and other paths are not generally considered hiking trails, a short description is provided here to supplement the interpretive signs at the park.

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From the bottom of the stairs, to the left is the Bluff Trail leading south towards Sunset Rock (1.12 miles).

To the right is the less-traveled Point Park to Sunset Rock route, no scratch that, it's the Mountain Beautiful Trail, which loops down to the Cravens House.

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