Garden Road

Just before reading the gate to Reflection Riding, at the bottom of the hill, is gravel parking lot directly opposite a kiosk for the Kiddie Trail. Able to hold more than a dozen vehicles easily, this lot is used both by those jumping onto the steep Kiddie Trail and sometimes visitors to Reflection Riding who don't wish to be locked inside if they are late returning.

Although not a true trailhead, the Skyuka Trail emerges onto the Highway 318 spur that connects Cummings Highway to Scenic Highway, quite near the beginning of Garden Road. Since there is barely room for one vehicle on Highway 318, should you plan to begin or end a hike at that end of the Skyuka Trail, we may wish to park in the lot on Garden Road and add that picturesque walk to your hike.

Start Your Hike

If not going into Reflection Riding or back down to the Skyuka trailhead on Highway 318, most visitors are headed to the Kiddie Trail.

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