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Suggested Hikes: Moderate

Cravens House/Point Park Loop (2 hours)

From Point Park, the Cravens House visible 600 feet below is an obvious destination for the hiker. The most popular route is to follow the Bluff Trail a half mile south to the Cravens Trail, taking the Cravens Trail about a mile further to the house. To avoid retracing your steps, you may wish to walk up the old railroad bed of the Hardy Trail to the Mountain Beautiful Trail, which will return you to Point Park after a loop of about 4 1/2 miles. You might want to consider beginning this journey at the Cravens House, where parking is generally more abundant.

Another interesting loop can be made by following the Bluff Trail to Sunset Rock, descending via the Gum Spring Trail, then following the Truck Trail and the Rifle Pits Trail to the Cravens House. Return via the Cravens House Trail, which offers a moderate ascent. The shortest possible loop between Point Park and the Cravens House involves the Incline No. 1 trail, which is not maintained. While the trail is somewhat rough in spots and may be overgrown, it does shorten the distance between the Cravens House and Point Park to less than a mile.

Ochs Gateway to Point Park (3 hours)

One of the most scenic hikes in the park traverses the full length of the Bluff Trail from Ochs Gateway to Point Park, a distance of approximately 4 1/2 miles. Since this is one-way distance, it will necessary to make arrangements for transportation to and from both ends of the trail.

The hike can easily be reversed to start at Point Park and end at Ochs Gateway. Hikers with stamina can also descend to the Upper Truck or Skyuka Trails and make a loop of approximately eleven miles in length. For those who are already familiar with Point Park, the Cravens House is also an excellent place to start or end this walk.