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Suggested Hikes: Easy

Point Park to Sunset Rock (1 hour one way)

This is one of the more popular hikes in the park, simply because Point Park receives the lion's share of visitors, but this does not discount the fact that the hike is rich in history and spectacular in scenery. The distance is 1.18 miles one direction; you can either make arrangements for transportation at both ends, retrace your steps, or make a more strenuous hike down to the Cravens House.

Natural Bridge (30 minutes round trip)

If you are looking for a quick, easy hike, perhaps to finish off some other activity on the mountain, do not neglect Natural Bridge Park, where an easy walk of just a quarter mile will reveal a very interesting and historic site. You will wish to retrace your steps for a total walk of about a half mile.

Glen Falls (1 hour)

"The Glen" provides a small wonderland for hikers: a truly beautiful stream which cascades down the bluff, a short tunnel through the rock, and temporary seclusion a few quick steps away from the rush of Ochs Highway.

Reflection Riding

The grounds of Reflection Riding offer walks of varying lengths but constant beauty for a nominal admission fee. The 2.7 mile driving loop, with options for both shorter and longer walks, makes a wonderful hike of less than an hour for most people.