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Suggested Hikes: Difficult

The Blue Beaver Trail (4 hours)

The Blue Beaver trail, hiked each year by hundreds of Scouts, will carry you from the very bottom of the mountain to the top at Point Park, an elevation gain of nearly 1,500 feet. The route, which gets its name from the so-called "Beavers in Blue," Union soldiers who worked constantly cutting trees and building structures, was declared a National Recreation Trail in 1978.

The original 7.5 mile route begins at the intersection of Garden Road and Old Wauhatchie Pike, near Cummings Highway. To avoid walking a mile along the pavement of Garden Road, you may wish to begin at the main gate of Reflection Riding. To shorten the route further, hikers may be dropped off at the Siren Pool at the southern end of the automobile loop, which results in a total hike of 5.51 miles but will not decrease the elevation to be gained. This "short route" is described below:

0.0The trail begins at the "Gazebo" across from Siren Pool at the southern end of Reflection Riding, following the Lower Truck Trail. Union soldiers crossed Lookout Creek near this point on November 24th and climbed the slopes above to begin the "Battle Above the Clouds."
0.5Turn left (uphill) on the Creek Connector Trail, keeping an eye out for blueberries in season.
1.25Turn left on the Skyuka Trail.
2.15Turn right on the Gum Spring Trail, climbing 0.4 miles to reach the Upper Truck Trail. Turn left. After 700 feet, you will reach the Switchback, a three-way intersection. Bear right to continue gently uphill on the old railroad bed that forms the Hardy Trail.
3.11After passing the ruins of the CCC Camp, turn right onto the Rifle Pits Trail.
3.76Continue straight at the intersection to reach the Cravens House. After visiting the house, you will return to this point and take the Cravens Trail uphill to intersect the Bluff Trail.
4.71Turn left on the Bluff Trail and proceed a half mile to the metal stairs leading up to Point Park.
5.51Entrance gate at Point Park. Congratulate yourself. You have joined the thousands of Boyscouts and others who have completed the Blue Beaver Trail.

Skyuka Trail and Reflection Riding

If you seek peace and solitude, this route is likely to provide it. After parking outside the entrance to Reflection Riding and making a short but steep climb to the Skyuka Trail via the Kiddie Trail, follow the Skyuka Trail south along the forested slopes to Skyuka Spring, one of the most beautiful places on the mountain. After a quiet walk along Lookout Creek on the Lower Truck Trail, you will emerge on the grounds of Reflection Riding. Don't forget to save some food for the ducks on your way out.